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Assertive Therapy

Be warned... be cuckolded in the most exteme fashion...

Be on your guard... for they will make you their slave...

Imagine a group of therapists deciding to conduct a small experiment to see if they can change the sexuality and minds of those in therapy. Imagine that the theoiry that they wish to test is that black men and women are far superior to their Caucasian cousins and that therapy can lead them into feminised slavery. Abject worship of masters and mistresses. Imagine that two couples and a single man fall into the hands of these doctors. Imagine that you could read the notes and see what happens to both therapists and victims...

Three case studies, the transcripts of the sessions.

The comments of the therapists and doctors.

The post therapy final notes.

The administration of drugs.

The histories and outcomes.

This is NO ordinary novel. It is the collected notes of a daring and far reaching experiment on the human psyche that may change everything...

55.000 words


A little different from some of my other novels in that the whole action is a collection of notes and sessions that describe the tale. The three cases are linked by the therapists who become protagonists and take part in the studies. This is for those with a taste for cuckoldry, for coerced men falling to become nothing but sluts for their new owners. Expect to be challenged... but thyen when have I ever failed to challenge you?

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