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William has just got his divorce. He decides that he is not in the market for a wife, but needs a maid to keep order, now that he is single. The taker of this job is the rather plump but striking Helga. This novel follows the course of a single year, month by month, as the maid becomes the master and the master the maid. The process of the takeover of William's life is a gradual one. Small steps lead him ever deeper until at last he is fully tamed to the leash by the woman that he hired to do the washing!

William loses his masculinity, control of his life and his sexualility over time as Helga introduces one hurdle after another, each of which breaks him down until in the end he is nothing but the sissified little maid that Helga needs to make her life one long easy-street.

65.000 words


This was a bit of a milestone in my writing career because it needed so much less attention from my editor. At last I had reached the point where I was not passing the novel back and forth as the editing process stretched out to infinity! It is also a favorite of mine with a calculating woman gaining control of her victim by tease and chastity.

There is something so attractive about Helga, the main female lead. She is so female and confident without being any typical stereotype dominatrix.

She just wants it all... The idea of stretching the narrative to a year and watching a gradual change was also an interesting exersise that allowed just peeks into William's life every now and again and constant impressions as his will is sapped, his sexuality destroyed and his his dependence is ever spiralling upward.

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