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An Embossed Husband

When her friend Sally suggests that the answer to Lisa's husband's erectile-disfunction is a session of therapy, Lisa finds herself on the path to becoming the proud full owner of a cuckold husband. The clinic, run by Dr Hirst is more than it seems and Lisa's deviant dreams are about to come true. At last she will not have to hide the affair that she is having with her husband's boss. At last she will have a man that can satisfy both herself and her lover. At last the life that she always wanted is looming on the horizon as first the clinic and then she herself, create a man who looks good at the end of a cuckold's leash.

It then becomes clear that there is more to Dr Hirst than Lisa ever realised and the path that she is on has risks that were never anticipated...

52.000 words

This novel is in two parts! The first part is the tale that covers Dr Hirst's clinic, the second is the effects of that trip to hell on Lisa's husband.

Originally plotted as just the 'therapy' part, the tale grew in the writing as I realised that what happens afterwards was also going to be fascinating. Of course this meant that I had to introduce a new character, the rather overpowering Gillian who makes life hell for Lisa's husband in his work.

Even though this is a pure cuckolding novel, there is little 'feminisation' onboard. Instead the plot follows the slow destruction of a man who learns that satisfying a wife, a lover, an owner and a male boss is a full time job. From being a 'normal' husband he becomes a cock-sucking cuckold, but then we all know that every husband needs the hand of a strong couple.

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