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Miss Irene Clearmont

Once upon a time there was a girl called Irene...

There are only two Miss Irene Clearmonts in this world!

  • One is the author who borrowed her character's name.
  • One is the woman that drives her spiked heels into men for the mere pleasure of making them suffer.

...they are one and the same. Fictional and real, imagination and actual.


I started to write in around 1998, but that is not really the beginning of my story.

For a woman to enter a porn-magazine shop in the eighties was a rarity. That a woman dived in and occasionally bought novels and magazines where the subject matter was BDSM and female domination was more than just rare, it was unheard of. I revelled in the fiction and the occasional reality of having lover's at my feet! In the course of an upbringing in places as diverse as Middlesbrough, Mainz, Birmingham and London, I was more curious than anything else. While other girls discussed the merits of various dicotheques, clothes and boyfriends, I wandered through the strange and cruel world of my own mind!

I dreamed of having others at my feet, making love to the spikes that I loved to wear, begging for a touch, just a sign that I noticed them...

When I started to travel and work abroad, I found that I had more spare time than I wanted to fill with the trivia of hum-drum life. I had my carefully collected books with me and realised that writing might just be an interesting pastime. That was late 1998, when I started to write 'Denise'. Following De Sade's 'Justine' in framework, but with the same tormentors throughout, it was easy to plot. Next came 'Diane'. This was more about a jealous wife and her horrific revenge on husband and lover.

It took a year or more to write the two novels and I felt that I had burned out. But, the fire of sexual domination does not burn out, it flickers and then finds new fuel to consume.

I was not sure what to do with my two novels.

No normal publisher would ever publish them and I had no energy left to revise and straighten them out by editing.

Besides that, I was in East Germany, out of the scene, out of contact.

It was years later when I found the floppy disks with saved my writing efforts; I re-read them and decided to place them on BDSMLibrary to see what reaction would result. I edited both, really just a spellcheck and a few commas and then posted them. That was 2011, more than 10 years after writing them! I got more comment than I had ever anticipated and had to invent a pen name. So, what better name than that of one of my fictional protagonists?
Miss Irene Clearmont, my morally defunct heroine and nemesis.


I started to rewrite 'Denise'. It had never really satisfied me that it was written in the first person, precluding telling the tale of what happens out of the sight of Diane herself as she is fucked and abused. I started to sift through the novel and then I realised that there were structural problems with the plot as well. I started to rewrite, using occasional passages and plot devices and converted the novel into a third person narrative. Starting the tale with a sexual murder, a snuffing out of the man who should/could have protected his wife...

I was just finishing this writing whan I was contacted by a new publisher on the scene and was offered a contract to write.

Since I had the new version of 'Diane' nearly ready, it seemed best to offer that an then start something new. The result was the publication of 'Dark Widow' With that done, I decided to get away from the harder fetish side and wrote 'A Reversal Of Fortune'.


As I was writing and revising I realised that what I most needed was more practice!

I needed to play with my genre, I needed to experiment and see if a style developed. Betweeen the longer pieces I wrote short stories. I experimented with historical writing, parody, horror and just plain short pieces. The result was all of the short stories that you will find on this site.

'Denise', 'Diane' and all the shorter stories all repose here and are free for you to read and sample.

I have been writing for for several years now, since I started to publish. My novels plunge to the utter depths of extreme fantasy female domination and then climb to feature men who are just humiliated rather than enslaved. I have written several collections of short stories as well as tens of novels and a handful of novellas.

My aim?

I shall take you on a wild trip to places that other authors dare not take you. In purple prose, with well chosen words that will drag you to a place where women decide other's fate and then fuck them ruthlessly. A place that is in your dreams, at the edge of your peripheral vision. A place where anything is possible, where everything happens for the gratification of females who punish, love, abuse and punish as their natural right.

So drift into my world, let me
fuck your mind...

Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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