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A Devoted Domestic

Angela and Brian need an au-pair it's really that simple.

Angela goes to Marjorie who runs 'Devoted Domestics', to select one of their staff. The woman that they are sent by Marge is Miss Penelope Olivari, a housekeeper of exceptional ability who is to prepare for the new au pair. Unknown to Brian and Angela, Penelope has her own ideas about how 'Devoted Domestics' should develop and is thinking about going into business for herself. The result is a conflict between Marge and Penelope, with the unhappy clients caught in the middle as Penelope finds new clients whose appetites are at a much more severe level than Marge's company has ever dealt with before.

Falling victim to a woman like the brutal Miss Olivari is an experience that goes beyond the normal fantasies and hopes of a fetishist.

Far beyond...

43.000 words


This novel starts with slow deliberation and moves into the realms of very fetishistic and extreme female domination as it moves along to a climax that swallows it's victims with one brutal twist after another. What may seem to be a gentle feminisation and domination tale turns ugly with the confined and caged victims forced to serve in utter degradation. Every breath is controlled, every humiliation is a step towards total control and subjugation. This is not a novel for the timid dilettante who wishes to indulge in light reading, but a severe lesson in fetisistic slavery of unwilling victims.

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