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A Cruel Divorce

Jackie wants a divorce, but she also wants everything else as well. Lover, money, house and an obedient hubby. Unfortunately, the law does not allow for women who deserve it all, so she decides that the divorce will be totally on her terms. Not a separation, more a change of status of her husband!

All Jackie has to do is to gain total control of her husband's life and destroy him before the divorce becomes actual.

The reason?

Lust, money, the sheer enjoyment? Of course.

The novella, starting with the decision to force a separation mainly deals with the way that Jackie manipulated her husband's mild fetishes and gradually recreates him as a man who serves and keeps her gratified. Usually I take male characters who have no real desire to be dominated by wives, girlfreinds and Aunts. This one is a little unusual in that respect because, already at the starting point, Pete is heading into his wife's power.

29.000 words

Originally written to be the first in a long book that would feature several novellas that I had been working to complete by the end of 2015, this novella grew too large for the collection that was heading to 120,000 words. This would have placed it in a price range that would have seen Amazon swallow the entire proceeds. I also felt that one fuck-off huge collection was enough for the time being, and that I could not relly ask readers to commit themselves to buying so many longer tales at the same time.

The novella was started in 2014 and languished on my computer because of a lack of inspiration, I almost completely rewrote most of the completed 15,000 words and then had no problem as it extended to 30,000 words.

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